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About Me

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Proofed by Jane—proofed by me.

This little business is run by me—Jane. I have a BA Hons degree in Business Studies and 10 years' experience working with marketing copy. I love reading and have a particular penchant for historical novels. I am a native English speaker and am passionate about the written word; so much so that I have a terrible habit of correcting friends and family when they make mistakes! It was this that inspired me to take my passion further and undertake a Becoming a Proofreader 

course in 2020, which I passed with distinction, gaining 92%. Now I can make corrections and improvements and feel good about it!

I specialise in proofreading and copyediting all kinds of written work in English, from website content and blog posts to journal articles, academic theses, marketing and advertising copy, and everything in between.

Proofed by Jane is a one-woman show so when you book me for your proofreading project, you know it will be handled by me alone; I never outsource so you'll always know what you're getting.


my services

So what can you expect when you have your work proofread and copy edited by me? With every project, I will:

  • check and correct:

    • spelling​

    • grammar

    • punctuation,

  • make word and sentence edits, where required, to ensure your content flows, makes full sense and is easy to read,

  • ensure your work is written in the correct way for your intended audience, taking into consideration:

    • tone of voice​

    • whether formal or informal

    • type of document (academic, marketing copy, personal statement, etc.)

    • your local dialect (UK, US or Australian English)

    • whether you are an ESL student, needing your document adjusted to fluent English before being submitted. In this case I will always make sure your meaning is never changed or lost.

  • provide you with Track Changes and Clean Copy versions of your document so you can see the changes I have made. (This applies to MS Word docs only so please provide this format if you can.) 

'My heart started to race, my head was spinning, and my breathing was shortened.'

Arrow pointing from bad text example to improved, proofread text.

'My heart started to race, my head began to spin, and my breath became short.'


my prices

'Good words are worth much, and cost little.' George Herbert

For all documents I will charge $0.025 per word, or                               $25 per 1000 words. 


  * Minimum fee is $12.50 ~ up to and including 500 words. 


Contact Me

Proofed by Jane

Jane Johansson

Birchgrove, NSW 2041


Please use this form to tell me about the work you would like proofread and/or copy edited and I'll get back to you with a personalised quote. Please include the length of the document (number of words), the file format (MS Word is preferred) and when you need the work done by.  

Thanks for submitting!

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